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Magic of Mud Daddy Pre-wash antibacterial

Often asked by pet owner (we are pet owner too) that how can we keep our pets healthy and safe after everyday activity (Dog walk or horse ride)?

Our answer was and is washing your dog or horse body and paws and hoofs with Mud Daddy washing device after everyday activity and now we have a better answer. Horaaaa


Specially formulated Mud Daddy®️ Pre-wash skin soothing anti-itch, antibacterial, antifungal is great antiseptic on the go, helping to keep your pet's skin & fur clear of a huge range of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and yeast. It is safe to use on an open wound or on itchy dogs, horse sand cats
For use on dogs, horses, or any other animals as a preventive anti-bacterial wash 
Apply Mud Daddy®️ Pre-wash antibacterial & antifungal by spraying on leg, paws, hoof, belly or animal' coat. 
Protect the eyes and ears
Using Mud Daddy®️ portable washing device rinse with clean warm or cold water for maximum effect.
Repeat these steps after every day's dog walk, horse ride or when necessary


Tested on human for use on animals😃🐶

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