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Mud Daddy in Autumn

Autumn has arrived…

It is cold, wet and muddy. We are preparing for Halloween and Christmas.  It is certainly a busy time of the year. In this time is important to don’t forget about our dogs. Dogs need exercise on a regular base. Despite is getting darker and we humans just think about staying in a warm house with a cup of tea, our dogs still need a walk. They will jump inside the puddle and have a bath in the mud.

That’s why is important to keep your dog warm and protect them against bacteria and viruses


Some of the dogs might be muddier than the others. (There are many fans of muddy bath).

Remember to wash your dog well specially legs and belly.

There are many bacteria and viruses which your pet can catch after a walk. The famous example is Alabama Rot. This is an increasingly common disease in dogs which causes damage to the blood vessels of the skin and kidney. A dog can suffer from skin ulcers, acute kidney failure, and even death.

That’s why we came up with a simple solution: Mud Daddy hygienic sprayer, which works against most bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

We strongly advise you to spray your dog’s feet after a walk and rinse with Mud Daddy's portable washing brush.

Make sure you will put warm water in your Mud daddy unit. Even after a couple of hours, this will be still warm. I am sure your dog will appreciate silently, warm shower scrub.

Dry your dog well, if necessary, wrap up in the blanket. Animal just like people can get the cold easy.

Check the feet well as during the cold weather, salt on the road the skin might crack (rinse with Mud Daddy and apply some moisturizer).

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