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Mud Daddy Story

Mud Daddy is a Newcastle based innovative company and has been credited for revolutionising pet care market worldwide by designing one of the most pet friendly washing device in the world.

Our silent and super portable Mud Daddy washing device has changed the life of many dogs & horse owners .

“People like our product because it’s innovative. It’s portable, doesn’t require electricity and is almost silent – a real benefit when washing dirty pets.”

Mud Daddy CEO : "We created a totally new category, Portable dog washing device wasn't the search term on Google or Amazon or product in existent before Mud Daddy"

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Mud Daddy. We work tirelessly every day to bring you what we believe are fantastic, original and innovative products. We’re proud to be based in the, Newcastle UK and what’s more all products we design are created by our passionate and dedicated R&D team in Newcastle. Pioneering new products requires a huge investment in research and development. For your protection Mud Daddy products are trademarked, patented and design registered. Thank you for supporting the Mud Daddy family and helping us continue to research, design and innovate. Note. We take infringement of our trademarks and design rights very seriously and actively enforce their protection. Counterfeiters will not be tolerated.

Many Thanks,

Mud Daddy & Mud Mummy Team @ Newcastle