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Do Mud Daddy products need a battery or power charge? No, The Mud Daddy is a totally mobile, compact, environmentally friendly solution to cleaning… well anything! Its unique design uses water pressure rather than any type of motor, so it’s completely silent (perfect for dogs and horses) and requires no electricity. You can use warm or cold water in your Mud Daddy and even mix in one of our shampoos for those extra scruffy hounds!
I am in the UK, do you charge for delivery? All deliveries to the mainland UK for orders above £50.00 are free, We use Royal Mail 48 which takes 3-5 working days to deliver your item. For orders below £50.00 we charge a £3.99 flat fee.
Unfortunately due to Brexit our European deliveries have been put on hold, but we have a Swedish branch you can check out and keep you eyes peeled for our German branch opening soon!
Where can I use Mud Daddy? You can use Mud Daddy to wash Mud/dirt from dogs, bikes, tools, tyres and much more at any location.
What makes Mud Daddy different from any other product in the market? Mud Daddy is environmentally friendly, it uses less water then jet wash or hose pipe. Do not require power or charges as Mud Daddy custom design allow it to combine water and air pressure to generate water pressure You can use warm or cold water in your Mud Daddy and even mix in one of our shampoos for those extra scruffy hounds!
What is the capacity of Mud Daddy? The Mud Daddy is available in 5, 8 and 12 Litre versions!
Do similar products exist in the market? Mud Daddy is patent & design registered and the brand Mud Daddy is registered Trade mark. We take our IP Protection very seriously.
Do Mud Daddy products come with any guarantee? 100% , All Mud daddy product comes with 30 days money back guarantee, and a warranty for 12 months in which we will make sure your purchase is working well!
How can I contact you about faulty products?No need to worry, Please email us with your order number and images of damage part or faulty product and member of our team will look into it for you. You can email us at hello@muddaddy.com or use the Contact Us page to send us a message


We love receiving photos of you & your pets using our products!
Please note, by sending Mud Daddy your videos & pictures, you give us the right to post this content on our social media channels, website & advertising. We will always try to give credit!