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Easter Fun: Creating a Dog Friendly Egg Hunt!

Easter isn't just for bunnies and chicks! Get your furry friend in on the fun with their own egg hunt.
Hide their favourite treats and toys around the house or garden and watch them go wild searching for their goodies. You can even get creative and use plastic eggs for a bit of a scent work challenge. Just make sure that the plastic eggs are large enough. If your pup isn't used to this type of game, you might want to begin with simple hiding spots and gradually increase the difficulty level as they become more familiar with the activity.
Just be sure to keep a close eye on your pup to make sure they don't go too egg-cited and gobble up everything in sight! If you have more than one pooch, make it fair by setting up separate hunts. It's a great way to train them and keep the peace.
Happy hunting! 
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