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Can Mud Daddy help you to protect your fury frinds against ALABAMA ROT disease?

Commonly known as ‘Alabama Rot’ is a doggy disease of unknown cause that affects all breeds and doesn’t discriminate in terms of age or weight.

How to spot the sign?

-Skin soar not caused by an injury 

The first sign that is normally seen is a skin sore not caused by any known injury. Most commonly, these sores are found below the elbow or knee and appear as a distinct swelling, a patch of red skin, or are open and ulcer-like. Within approximately two to seven days, the affected dogs develop outward signs of sudden kidney failure which can include vomiting, reduced hunger, and unusual tiredness. Skin sores and sudden kidney failure are not unique to this disease alone and are actually more likely to be caused by some other disease. 


Vets advise is that wash your dogs muddy and dirty paws after each walk.


Mud Daddy can be super helpful, it can wash off mud and dirt at any location without the need to power. 




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