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Protect your furry friends in this muddy & season

How to protect my dog health in this muddy & cold season


    Everyday dog walk in woodland, park, river or beach is a dream for people without a dog and treatment for people with a dog.
    But as we all know mud dwelling bacteria, Alabama Rot Disease and all sort of other illnesses can threaten our furry friend health and raising the cost of the vet as a result.
    Everyone who’s ever owned a dog knows the struggle of bathing and then cleaning up after their pet. While taking the dogs to the groomers is usually the costliest way.
    So how to protect our best friend (Dog obviously) the best way possible without costing us the earth?
     I have try and tested this method with my own dogs plus feedback from others using this method:
    1. Try to add omega 3 fatty acid and fresh vegetable to your dogs’ diet. This diet helps to reduce dry skin and keeps their coats and skin shiny and fresh in cold and freezing temperature.
     2. Use Mud Daddy antiseptic pre-wash to eliminate most of bacterial and fungal after each walk.
    💚 https://www.muddaddy.co.uk/products/mud-daddy-pre-wash-antibacterial-antifungal
      3. Wash down paws and coat with warm water and brush all excess mud and dirt from the skin and coat using one of Mud Daddy portable dog shower.
    ❤️ https://www.muddaddy.co.uk/collections/the-mud-daddy-family
      4. Dry them with normal towel.
     This way you save on vet bills and groomers cost and no need to everyday bath fight.
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    Cleaning your dog after a muddy walk no longer be a task you dread. We’ve created the very best portable dog/horse showers and hygienic sprayer that will make cleaning your pets or infect anything quick and easy. Whether you need to wash them down before loading them back into the car or inviting them back into your home, we have everything you need to keep your dog clean and mud-free from now on.
    The portable and compact Mud Daddy is a brilliant device which comes in 5, 8 &12 litre water tank and brush with shower head built-in. It works by pumping the lever built into the bottle cap which builds up the combined water and air pressure which is then released through pressing the trigger on the shower head. The Mud Daddy is a great portable dog shower solution for dogs who often go on muddy walks as it’s quick and easy to use and can be used multiple times, warm water and without the need to refill.
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