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  • Mud Daddy in Autumn | muddaddy.co.uk
    Oktober 4, 2019

    Mud Daddy in Autumn

    Autumn has arrived… It is cold, wet and muddy. We are preparing for Halloween and Christmas.  It is certainly a busy time of the year. In this time is important to don’t forget about our dogs. Dogs need exercise on...

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  • Magic of Mud Daddy Pre-wash antibacterial | muddaddy.co.uk
    Juni 10, 2019

    Magic of Mud Daddy Pre-wash antibacterial

    Often asked by pet owner (we are pet owner too) that how can we keep our pets healthy and safe after everyday activity (Dog walk or horse ride)?  https://muddaddy.com/products/mud-daddy-pre-wash-antibacterial-antifungal Our answer was and is washing your dog or horse body...

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  • Romance of Dogs and Fox Poo | muddaddy.co.uk
    Oktober 23, 2018

    Romance of Dogs and Fox Poo

    Although dogs no longer need to hunt, it's still a basic instinct and stopping them is very difficult.

    How Mud Daddy can help?

    No noise is a big advantage for Mud Daddy as it doesn't scare off dog while they get washed by portable Mud Daddy shower

    Do not use human shampoos or washing liquid and don't shampoo your dog too often.

    It could strip their coat of its natural oil. Just added little shampoos to warm water in 

    https://muddaddy.com/ to wash of muddy paws and underbelly from poo and mud.

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  • Mud Daddy detangling & De-shedding brush | muddaddy.co.uk
    Juni 9, 2018

    Mud Daddy detangling & De-shedding brush

    One of the most dog-friendly grooming brush in the market as all dogs love to being brush by Mud Daddy soft bristle brush. It is super safe for pets as it soft bristle will not scratch pets skin and it is perfect...

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